Science Project

This collaborative production will be displayed on the Acine09 Blog. The poster should contain a message that deals with one of the themes that portray Our Future : sustainable development /environmental protection/ impact of man on Earth and Space/recycling, global warming, weather changes, new sources of energy, biodiversity, pollution, drinking water, deforestation, overpopulation, awareness, political action, daily action, mobilization, relationship between Man and Nature, spacetrips, enclosed spaces, space colonization and new planets.

Some tools can help you make them.
Flickr CC
Creative Commons License Photos
Royalty Free Photos
Public Domain Images
Finding Quotations

I - Find a theme on David Suzuki's site . (there you will read about it, acquire the vocabulary that is needed for your theme and get ideas for your poster or creation) - here you will find more on David Suzuki's life. His daughter Severn Suzuki is also an environmental activist who has urged people worldwide to take more responsibility over their actions. Watch her speaking at the age of 12 at the Eco-92 Congress in Rio . Look a the fantastic multimedia work students in Taiwan did on Global Warming.

II - In Google search, try to find a good quotation to illustrate the theme you have in mind (Native Americans, Maoris , Aborigines and ecology activists and sites usually have some wise ideas about nature and living on Earth)

III - Find a photograph (MUST be either from Flickr CC or a royalty-free photo) to illustrate your theme and the quotation you have chosen. Remember to note down the sources of the photos and the author of the quotation. If it is a proverb without an author, indicate the origin (French, African, etc).

IV - Paste the explanation of the process you went through on a wiki page (open navigation bar, write Poster, highlight it, link it and call the page poster and save).

V - Write a short explanation of how you think the quote and the photo fit the theme you have chosen (the relationship between them) and what your goal in choosing them is.

VI - Once this is done, upload the poster (or calendar page) in your Flickr account acknowledging the source (photo) and blog it directly to your Wordpress account, writing your explanation and reasons for choosing the quote , catchphrase and photo.

VII - Remember to set the license of your poster in Flickr to the same license as the original photo you have used.

VIII - You can also envisage doing a different format, something you can distribute or give to people.

Cover Page Magazine (and inside some quotations of the theme you are illustrating in the cover page)
A Calendar (with all the photos and quotations from the different groups illustrating the seasons and months)
A CD Cover (to illustrate a song you have made about your theme)