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Barbara (Bee) Dieu teaches at the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo, where she has been preparing students for the French Baccalaureat since 1983. She has been in ELT and education since 1974 (in the classroom) and since 1997 increasingly online, networking, keynoting, planning, organizing and facilitating workshops /collaborative projects worldwide and engaged in professional development for teachers. She has published /presented nationally and internationally on social media, digital literacy and openness in education.

An active member of several associations and communities of practice, among which Webheads in Action, Tesol, Braztesol, Merlot, Hornby Critical Literacy, Praxis, Edublogosfera, FLNW, T.A.L.O, she is presently Braztesol EduTechSIG Coordinatorand has also served on the 2008-9 NMC Horizon Project Advisory Board.

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